Heather Anderson

Heather is concerned about an ongoing bout of flu and bronchitis that has lingered for several. Pray for her full and complete recovery.

Nov-25 / last prayer 9m ago
Annarae (aunt to Leslie Lloyd)

My aunt Annarae is in the hospital. She had a heart attack.

Nov-29 / last prayer 10m ago
Jeff Christopher

Jeff, a respected policeman & long time family friend in MD, was flown to U of MD trauma ctr in Baltimore with a blood clot on his brain & he had immediate surgery. Pray for him as he begins recovery

Nov-19 / last prayer 9m ago
Ann Love (Sister Leslie Lloyd)

My sister Ann had two mammograms recently and they showed a spot. She is having a biopsy soon. She also has 7 spots of skin cancer that will be removed in the next few weeks.

Nov-29 / last prayer 9m ago